Blessed Mabon

Posted by sacreddream - September 22nd, 2021

Blessed Harvest to you all.! May we all gives thanks for what we have achieved, learned ,experienced ,received in this year. As we move into the Aquarian energies with Jupiter and Saturn now in Aquarius , its more important than ever to ask how can I serve humanity, contribute to the greater good ? Whatever form it takes from the smallest gesture to a global scale each of us has something to give, that is unique.

2020 was a duzy, and we continue to navigate a tumultuous world both personally and globally now in 2021. As we find ways to stay in our center and tap into our higher guidance, we can find ways to express our higher selves, which is our true purpose.

The pandemic hit Arizona pretty hard and due to circumstances Ive spent a great deal of time in isolation. Ive spoken to many people and the experience of “facing ourselves” was perhaps one of the hardest things. I spent alot of time painting, one of my great loves, the Sonoran Desert. The eternal quality of the beauty of nature sustained me ,and I ended up with a house full of paintings. My Harvest comes in the form of paintings that I took the final step to put on my Imagekind site. I chose 10, may put up more. I also uploaded some older paintings that had not previously been published. I felt like getting them out into the world completed the creation . I want to share the beauty that inspired me and hope others may benefit from experiencing it.

Heart of the Saguaro (c) 2017 Lisa Thiel

here is the link.

You an also just go to and search Lisa Thiel

In Memoriam: David Adam Lertzman

Posted by sacreddream - May 10th, 2021

David Adam Lertzman, my dear friend, brother, fellow musician, just crossed over May 4, 2021.

He was part of a group of deep soul friends that I played music with and did ceremony with ,beginning in the early 90s.
This group created the magical environment for my later albums, Invocation of the Graces, and Circle of the Seasons to be born.
One of David’s many songs ,Earth Joy Dance, is on Invocations. He leaves behind a legacy of many many beautiful and amazing songs, including one to the Green Man which is one of my favorite songs..
On the home page we are all pictured during our one time public performance together at the Fairy Congress in 2006 in WA,
which shows David on the far right, his wife Sarah and David Macvittie’s wife Mela singing back up vocals.
David Adam Lertzman was a humanitarian, in the truest sense of the word.
I met him as a young man still in school, an intensely creative and gifted person that was so talented in so many varied ways.
What a joy it was to see him manifest all of that incredible potential into full reality as he became a Professor at the
University Of Calgary as well as a spiritual teacher ,and that his work
enriched the lives of his students, associates, and contributed directly to the preservation of Indigenous cultures as well as of the Earth herself.
I pay tribute to a life lived magnificently!
Though his body is gone , his spirit lives on in the heart and minds of all that love him. Blessed Be David Adam.

David’s Passing was sudden and unexpected. He leaves behind a wife and two small children. A gofundme page for Sarah Lertzman has been created to support them through this difficult transitional time, if you care to contribute.

Help Save the Williams, OR Watershed

Posted by sacreddream - February 21st, 2021

Protect Pipe Fork – Williams Community Forest Project

This is near my friend Windsong and family’s place.. you can help by signing the petition and encouraging others to do so.

Pristine forest, fish, birds and animals are also endangered . Please go to the site to learn more.

“Mother Water” (c) 2013

Waiting For Spring

Posted by sacreddream - February 21st, 2021

During this time of world healing and renewal ,after a very long winter, I received a beautiful painting from a multi talented artist in Belgium, Christine Maes.

called “Waiting for Spring” (c) 2019 Christine Maes.

To me this painting captures the feeling of turning within to nourish and replenish before coming forth in the spring time of rebirth. I hope each of us finds a way to do this for ourselves as we move forward in this challenging time. Please visit her website to see all the many creative things this fairy goddess woman is doing !

Kindling the Flame of the Heart for Imbolc

Posted by sacreddream - February 5th, 2021

I had a very powerful Imbolc ceremony this year. Perhaps it is because the flames of so many of our hearts have been low that the need to light the inner fires seemed more important this year.

I felt Brighid’s presence in a way that I havent in years, and it was like being bathed in a golden honey light of warmth and healing . I sent this energy out to all I know and also lit the flames of each of my chakras ( energy centers) one by one to renew for the year.

May all who are in need be blessed and uplifted during this time of great changes and transformation, and may the flames of our hearts burn bright and strong within us.

Technical Issues with the Website

Posted by sacreddream - January 22nd, 2021

Currently certain portions of the site are not functioning properly,

including the links to all the information about my albums (album link).

Please refer to my distributor’s sites , Spotify , ITunes and Amazon for full

discography and purchasing information.

Note this site has always been a referral/ information site only.

1/23/21 Albums link has been restored.!

Capricorn : Dreamtime to Manifestation

Posted by sacreddream - January 5th, 2021

The glyph for the sign of Capricorn represents a goat with a fish tail. Recently Ive been thinking about this dual aspect of the sign , and how the understanding of it may be utilized.

In early December we come from the benevolent hearty philosophical energies of Sagittarius, which encourage us eat drink and be merry as well as embrace spiritual optimism and ” peace on earth goodwill toward all” . As we move into the sign of Capricorn there is a seriousness that begins to creep in, for Capricorn is ruled by Saturn the taskmaster of structures, foundations, rules and laws and social mores. But there is a netherworld of the dreamtime at the beginning of Capricorn , at solstice, which I liken to the fish tail, the mystical aspect that takes us into our deeper spirit and also the unconscious mind where dreams and manifestation are born. Capricorn is the sign of manifesting and accomplishing on the physical plane. It is the goat that scales the heights of the mountain, but it is in the dreamtime where the creative spark must begin. So if we give ourselves time to dream reflect and meditate during the dark , we can potentially tap into our soul’s plan for the coming year , therefore aligning ourselves with a higher purpose .

I believe this is a crucial part of the Capricorn energy, because as the month progresses those Capricorn hooves will hit the ground running, as we are compelled to make New Year’s resolutions, clear our homes , and begin to initiate new projects. But what will be the direction of our goals and desires be and where will they lead us? If we have connected with our highest self we can trust the outcome will be for the highest good.

If not, we may find we are creating the same patterns, habits from previous years that may not have served us in the past. This is the process of evolution in ourselves, the choice to change through higher guidance.

Time to Light the Lights

Posted by sacreddream - December 13th, 2020

In many spiritual traditions around the world this is a time to light the light of spirit, to renew our hearts and souls in the dark of winter. During this particularly challenging time it is even more important and significant to do so. We stand at a crossroads for our planet, for humanity.

Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn have brought the promised upheaval in the earth and our societal structures , and as in the devil card in the tarot, Capricorn in its lowest aspect represents spirit divorced from matter.

These Capricorn energies in their highest aspect can be a new structure from which to build a new world manifestation of healing and inclusiveness, respect for the environment and for all sentient beings.

We have also seen the playing out of the dark aspect of Neptune in Pisces :deception, illusion , confusion, but the other side is inspiration ,illumination and transcendence if we can hold our spiritual focus in the maelstrom.

We stand before the new promise of Saturn and Jupiter moving into Aquarius, the sign of global community, humanitarianism, scientific innovation and a call to the highest aspects of being.

Each of us must light the lights in our own way according to our own path , but light the lights we must to bring this change about. Each of us has a gift of light to share that is unique and significant however it may be expressed.

A “Christmas Star” will appear on solstice, December 21st that has not been seen in 800 years- Jupiter (Blessings and expansion) and Saturn( structures and foundations) in Aquarius appearing as one giant star of light .

Let this be a beacon of hope for us , that even in the deepest dark the light does shine.

New Single Song

Posted by sacreddream - August 22nd, 2016

LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTU is a traditional Sanskrit Prayer that is specifically recommended by many spiritual teachers at this time to help balance our world.

Lisa Thiel - Lokah Samastah Sukhino BhavantuThis is my original version of the traditional Sanskrit prayer. I wanted to make it upbeat to inspire joy and light -heartedness. The current Saturn in Sagittarius represents,among other things, the lesson of experiencing joy and optimism as a means of spiritual renewal. I feel this song version reflects that energy, that opens us up to new possibilities of healing and wholeness. It also is a vehicle for us to pray for everyone on this planet , as we are all in this together. The general translation of the mantra is: Lokah- realm of existence/ Samastah – all the beings living there/ Sukhino Bhav- in divine union , harmony ( ie in state of peace and joy)/ Antu -so be it ! .


now available  on CD Baby as a download:

and check out my ‘hear now’ page :

Jupiter in Virgo~ the Blessing of Divine Order

Posted by sacreddream - September 2nd, 2015

For the next year or so we will be experiencing the blessings of Jupiter ( good fortune, prosperity , expansion) in the sign of Virgo , a practical mental mutable earth sign. This gives us the opportunity not only to experience those influences but to learn from them and hopefully incorporate what we have learned into ourselves as an ongoing part of our  being.

For many people the sign of Virgo means criticism , nit picking ,over analyzing and emotional detachment and so it is often not a very popular sign. But the positive gifts of Virgo are many fold: The ability to organize, think and communicate logically and clearly, to be precise, pragmatic and to have finely tuned discernment,  to name just a few.

So we have an opportunity to experience the gift of Virgo, as Jupiter represents blessings and gifts that teach and heal us. One of the first  blessings of this transit is that Virgo is of particular benefit now with the  ongoing Neptune in Pisces aspect ,as Virgo is the opposite sign from Pisces and offers  balance to those expanded, ethereal and  often nebulous energies  of that water  sign.

Virgo rules the conscious rational mind and Pisces the instinctive intuition  and these two in harmony create a whole consciousness, left and right brain. With the current long term Neptune in Pisces , many people are struggling to keep their normal focus at times , especially during the random Neptune transits  that occur  that amplify that energy. So as Neptune is opening up peoples psyches with all the outpouring of  energies and emotions that that involves, Virgo now comes along with its metaphorical broom and tidies up the mess.  As we become older it becomes clearer, as we learn through experience, that order leads to freedom more than chaos.  But to maintain order takes discipline which doesnt come naturally to all signs. For many people just the word discipline makes them uncomfortable because it  suggests restriction of  freedom on some level . However we all know what is like to deal with the effects of chaos in our live and how it can actually curtail our freedom.  But if in the course of clearing , ordering  and focusing our energy we can gain more freedom and peace of mind, discipline then becomes an ally that supports us and actually creates greater happiness instead of lessening it.

Such is the lesson of Virgo , the joy of orderliness that generates clarity, clarity that generates calm , calmness that generates well being and peace.

In the wheel of the year, Virgo corresponds to the harvest time where they traditionally separated the wheat from the chaff, that is,  what is nourishing and beneficial from what is useless and needs to be thrown away. On an intellectual and psychic level Virgo can help us evaluate our inner energies  and patterns to determine what is  really necessary for our ultimate well being and what is impeding wholeness , positive growth and self realization..To that end having some kind of energetic clearing or purification ritual on a daily basis can be very useful,in addition to mental and emotional processing inspired by Virgo.

So the next year is a cycle  of  healing introspection, to look deeply into what needs to stay and what needs to go in our psyches. To create order by filtering out  old unwanted habits  or thought patterns that lead us nowhere, and releasing them to make way for new revitalized positive  energy to take its place . This coupled with the upcoming Saturn in Sagittarius 3 year cycle will be more than ever about finding your personal truth ( which may lay under the pile of accumulated  out- moded beliefs!) Virgo  also teaches us about being “whole unto oneself”, personal autonomy and self reliance which  is another gift of the discovery of our true essential self.

Its also about getting real , as the Pisces influence can be full of fantasy and self deception , which Virgo can whip into shape in short order. As an earth sign Virgo can ground the etheric Piscean energy so it can be utilized in a practical life affirming way.

Tuning into this transit can enable us to make use of these gifts and who knows after it is over you may be just a little more Virgo after it is all said and done.




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