Posted by sacreddream - January 5th, 2021

The glyph for the sign of Capricorn represents a goat with a fish tail. Recently Ive been thinking about this dual aspect of the sign , and how the understanding of it may be utilized.

In early December we come from the benevolent hearty philosophical energies of Sagittarius, which encourage us eat drink and be merry as well as embrace spiritual optimism and ” peace on earth goodwill toward all” . As we move into the sign of Capricorn there is a seriousness that begins to creep in, for Capricorn is ruled by Saturn the taskmaster of structures, foundations, rules and laws and social mores. But there is a netherworld of the dreamtime at the beginning of Capricorn , at solstice, which I liken to the fish tail, the mystical aspect that takes us into our deeper spirit and also the unconscious mind where dreams and manifestation are born. Capricorn is the sign of manifesting and accomplishing on the physical plane. It is the goat that scales the heights of the mountain, but it is in the dreamtime where the creative spark must begin. So if we give ourselves time to dream reflect and meditate during the dark , we can potentially tap into our soul’s plan for the coming year , therefore aligning ourselves with a higher purpose .

I believe this is a crucial part of the Capricorn energy, because as the month progresses those Capricorn hooves will hit the ground running, as we are compelled to make New Year’s resolutions, clear our homes , and begin to initiate new projects. But what will be the direction of our goals and desires be and where will they lead us? If we have connected with our highest self we can trust the outcome will be for the highest good.

If not, we may find we are creating the same patterns, habits from previous years that may not have served us in the past. This is the process of evolution in ourselves, the choice to change through higher guidance.

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