Posted by sacreddream - December 13th, 2020

In many spiritual traditions around the world this is a time to light the light of spirit, to renew our hearts and souls in the dark of winter. During this particularly challenging time it is even more important and significant to do so. We stand at a crossroads for our planet, for humanity.

Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn have brought the promised upheaval in the earth and our societal structures , and as in the devil card in the tarot, Capricorn in its lowest aspect represents spirit divorced from matter.

These Capricorn energies in their highest aspect can be a new structure from which to build a new world manifestation of healing and inclusiveness, respect for the environment and for all sentient beings.

We have also seen the playing out of the dark aspect of Neptune in Pisces :deception, illusion , confusion, but the other side is inspiration ,illumination and transcendence if we can hold our spiritual focus in the maelstrom.

We stand before the new promise of Saturn and Jupiter moving into Aquarius, the sign of global community, humanitarianism, scientific innovation and a call to the highest aspects of being.

Each of us must light the lights in our own way according to our own path , but light the lights we must to bring this change about. Each of us has a gift of light to share that is unique and significant however it may be expressed.

A “Christmas Star” will appear on solstice, December 21st that has not been seen in 800 years- Jupiter (Blessings and expansion) and Saturn( structures and foundations) in Aquarius appearing as one giant star of light .

Let this be a beacon of hope for us , that even in the deepest dark the light does shine.

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