Posted by sacreddream - June 18th, 2012

During the recent  rare transit of Venus across the sun, June 5th, I experienced in a unprecedented manner,  the powerful  presence of the Divine Feminine being awakened on a wholly  new level.  Venus is the planet of Love, of the heart, and   Neptune is considered by astrologers to be a higher octave of Venus,  Divine Love.   As mentioned we are also in the midst of a long term Neptune in Pisces  influence ,(emphasizing Divine Love) so the combination of those two energies was a powerful conduit for the Divine Mother energy to come through into the hearts of the world. Looking at the Neptune transits over the decades, the ‘flower children’ generation were under the influence of Neptune in Libra, the idealism of wanting to create peace  love beauty and harmony in society, attributes of Libra ( ruled by Venus). This influence ,as we can see in retrospect, had both  the illusion and illumination characteristics of Neptune. There was a great deal of spirituality, environmental awareness and creativity that came from that generation,( illumination) as well as people who couldnt cope with society lost touch  with reality   and/or  “dropped out” .( illusion)    As the energetic pendulum began to swing in the opposite direction  in the succeeding generations,( following the primal pattern of extreme yin becoming yang ) there was a strong emphasis on practicality, especially during the Neptune in Capricorn influences in the   90’s that served to balance the extreme idealism  and sought to ground it . With Neptune in Aquarius,  weve seen the phenomena of the global community connecting and communicating through the electronic world of the internet ( all Aquarian attributes). Now we find ourselves coming full circle with Neptune in Pisces, the sign of divine love ,back to the ideals of the “flower children” and if these expanded and ethereal energies can incorporate the practical grounding of the preceding generations, it holds the potential for manifesting that Divine Love in a real and tangible way . The Divine Mother   is the healer caretaker nurturer that this world so desperately needs to take on the task of world healing, not only  of the physical world but the emotional and spiritual world consciousness. A good Mother is also a practical Mother, who protects, and teaches her young to survive though awareness .  As She resides within each one of us,  we can invoke her presence in our hearts minds and daily lives  and become’ her hands and feet’ to bring healing into the world around us. Each one of us, like the tiny cells in the body has a role to play , each one of us a tiny part of the great whole. And the more individuals there are  who embody this energy, the greater the chance of its effect making a true and positive change in the decades to come.

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