Posted by sacreddream - May 29th, 2011

March 28, 2011


New Youtube Videos

Wonderful machinima hobbyist from the UK has made two utubes using my songs that are amazing. He has several other incredibly creative ingenious films check them out!

“Celestial Elf, a machinima film maker focusing on the Elven and the Ancient Ways. Celestial, because this denotes the heavens, the freedom of the skies and the beyond, Elf, because of my affinity with the ancient origins of the term, describing semi-divine beings endowed with magical powers which they use for the benefit of mankind. My interest is in Re-Visioning the Ancient stories in modern life, to assist people in visualizing and thereby actualizing more positive, life based and nature linked ways to deal with life, relationships and and with the sacred world all around us.”  ( Mermaid Queen utube)  (  see: Eostre Equinox { Spring Song } and the Bee Myth )

some bio here:

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