Posted by sacreddream - March 24th, 2013

 Magical Eggs
 Not only are eggs a symbol of fertility and the creative life force,  they are the essential potential of life itself, like a seed **, and they literally  embody that energy.  In ritual, eggs can be used as magical objects, like crystals, that  not only have energy in of themselves but can be programmed with our intent via magical symbols. It is believed in numerous cultures that symbols carry power of intent so combining the two creates a unique and tangible energy . Symbols such as Runes, numbers, astrological signs, planets, sacred mantras carry their own energy and when drawn onto the egg with intent sets up a current of potential to be manifested. I always dedicate one for my ancestors( asking for their guidance and blessing) one for luck/abundance and one for love every year and place them  on my altar (with crystals) to plant the seed of my intentions for the year to be brought  into form. This external symbolic act also sets up an internal altar in the unconscious where all things are born. Raw eggs are considered most potent and if left intact just dry up inside.
**kirlian photography shows the energy of a corn kernel looking  like a tiny lightning bolt !  

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