Posted by sacreddream - October 13th, 2012

Its that time again, and this year we have the added bonus of  extra Scorpio energy ,with Saturn ,

planet of karma, structure and lessons to be learned just entering Scorpio this month!

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto , planet of transformation & regeneration, and is a powerful ally in the

 process of changing our lives, our psyches, and our inner world. This influence allows us

 to’ replant’ the seeds of the unconscious so that new ‘crops’ may grow.   Scorpio asks us to go

deep, to  see what is hidden ,what is unknown to the conscious mind so that the mysteries

within us may be revealed.

This transit will go on until September 2015.

 In the wheel of the zodiac, Scorpio represents  the point at which the soul is asked to turn

 within for spiritual connection, contemplation of the meaning of life and what lies beyond.  It is the sign

associated with death and rebirth, allowing us to let go of that which no longer serves us to make way for the new.

For those who can embrace this cycle it can be a life changing event.

In addition the previously mentioned long term  Neptune in Pisces Transit  makes a trine ( a particularly beneficial ,positive aspect)

to Scorpio, giving even more spiritual psychic and magical potential for this influence.

 That being said, Scorpio is not for sissies, so  its time to embrace your inner warrior, and step up !!

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