Mother of Compassion (c) 2002

A Kuan Yin meditation with the traditional mantra of Kuan Yin as a central theme.

With lush hypnotic vocals and instrumentation, Lisa portrays the many aspects of

the Goddess through musical variations – from the nurturing compassionate mother

to the protectress and savioress who rides the dragon and carries the

sword.  Recommended for meditation, spiritual healing and inspiration, and

as an energetic support for life transitions of all kinds.  This music may

also be used as a feng shui tool to clear and enhance the energy of any room

through the purifying vibrations of Kuan Yin’s Mantra.

Available as download and stream only*

“I really like this music… (it has a) very beautiful, peaceful,

meditative feeling.  I hope this reaches many people as it will be of great

benefit.”  Ven. Lama Lhanang Rinpoche, Founder, Project Wisdom Path

“It is gorgeous!  I will treasure this along with her other

albums… as always, Lisa’s voice soothes me… I think Lisa’s voice, music,

work in the world is magnificent!”  Rev. Judith Laxer, Women of

Wisdom Foundation

mother of compassion back cover

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note: Mother of Compassion CDs are out of print

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