Posted by sacreddream - July 30th, 2015

My first encounter with the desert hares was through a window , where I could see them very close up as they  came to drink from a tree well every day  .
I was amazed by the vivid  orange red color of the eyes, the length of the ears and the long limbs ,their silvery coats with black tipped ears and tails, and soon began to  realize  this  was a very different animal than the little cottontails I was used to seeing .

Then one day in  an open field I saw a group running over the plains, and they were not hopping or scampering but leaping and  bounding like deer, like antelope.
Years later when  a family of Hares  moved into the area near my home and I was able to see them continuously and experience their unique presence, their movements , habits , their spirits.
A believer in medicine animals , I felt they were symbolic of the creative life force, of renewal and hope for new beginnings.
Later I learned they are also associated with the underworld/afterlife as guardians and wayshowers in many cultures. One of their many interesting qualities is that they are said to gaze at the moon , sometimes in large groups.
They are  revered in Native American, Celtic, Nordic , Japanese, Chinese, Mayan and Egyptian traditions, among others.
Aside from the well known fertility aspect  , they are travelers, messengers between the worlds, teachers of silence , patience, invisibility, swiftness, agility, grace, and the pure joy of being.

In fact the Hare  hieroglyph on my Egyptian Hares image is WN which  means the essence of life.
I spent this summer doing watercolor & pastel paintings of my vision of the Sacred Hare  which has brought me a lot of joy,
and I hope that  these images capture that feeling  for others to experience .
Ive just  posted two of the best ones so far on my Imagekind site
in my ‘visions of spirit in nature’ gallery:

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  1. Terri Marie

    Siri, These are astounding in their symbolism and beauty. As always you create masterpieces for the soul.

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