Posted by sacreddream - June 29th, 2011

These are definitely transformative times, especially this month with three eclipses!  Eclipses bring us the potential to end and to begin again, but strong aspects like these are not easy to deal with.  Pluto ( planet of transformation, revolution and regeneration of the unconscious )  in Capricorn ( ruled by Saturn= karma & structure) squaring or making a challenging aspect to Uranus ( eradicator of existing structures that brings a new paradigm) in Aries ( sign of the self)  translates  as a huge cosmic push  for for personal change.  Specifically in our habits ,outlooks, in  resetting or redefining our intentions, in  becoming  more aware of unconscious creations and patterns so that we can create / manifest  more consciously and effectively.  This all sounds well and good and in theory it is, on a spiritual level it definitely is , but on a human level it is difficult.  I  believe that the astrological influences are the force of evolution that make us grow ( ready or not!), and its as though the universe has stepped up the process to a very intense degree.   What to do in a situation like this?  My belief is that the Sound Current is one of the most powerful and transformative healers we have available to us.   Sacred sounds have the capacity to clear our energy fields, stimulate our higher brain functions ,regulate our brain waves and open the way for our higher selves ( who are creating our reality anyway), to connect with the personality self to let it know whats going on and to offer guidance from our spiritual intelligence. We have the luxury of being able just to listen to sacred sounds music or prayers, even it we dont have the strength, focus or ability to create it ourselves.  If the astrological influences are getting to you, try listening to soothing inspiring music just before you go to sleep  so the positive vibrations can go deep into your subconscious. You’ll find your intuition/  insight will begin to come through, as you clear the way , and you can potentially make the most of these aspects whose purpose is ultimately  to enlighten us.

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