Posted by sacreddream - December 29th, 2012

 Recently Ive come to really appreciate  two gemstones which I feel are particularly useful for the energies of this New Year, and wanted to share that information  in case anyone may benefit from it. As I mentioned in earlier posts, gemstones have a subtle energy that works on the subtle energy field of the body, the same energy that flows through the accupuncture meridians.   I feel that  as crystals and gems are a part of the Mother Earth, they  embody and enable  us to experience  Her natural harmonic energy that so many of us need in the modern world that is estranged from Nature.  Many people benefit tremendously from the use of crystals and gems, because the effects ,although subtle ,can be tangible and very supportive  in terms of  affecting  minor mood changes, picking up  or calming energy , aiding in meditation, intuition and dreaming.  In Vedic Astrology gemstones are recommended as a common practice to balance and augment astrological transits and influences . As  I ve personally worked with and experimented with the  effects of crystals and gems for over thirty years I can honestly say Ive  found them  to be very helpful.

The first stone Ive worked with for a couple of years now is Prehnite. I saw some Prehnite earrings in a catalog  which said they were an aid for meditation and found they had a noticeable calming , balancing influence. They also have a grounding influence which helps to focus energy and get things done . As we are all so different, of course  I cant say they will work for everyone, but Ive shared this with many friends who also felt the soothing benefits of this dreamy sea green stone.( It  also comes in a range of light greens as well as yellow)  To me the sea green connects me with the higher vibration of Neptune the planet of dreams and intuition , yet grounds so that I may make use of it.  It has seemed to enhance my intuitive abilities, dream recall and  create a steady calm mind, as well as  deeper states when I meditate.  With the strong influence of Neptune at this time I was grateful to find a stone that helped me tap into that energy in a positive and productive way.

 The second stone which Ive loved for many years is Smokey Quartz, a stone prized for centuries  in my ancestral home, Scotland, where it is known as Cairngorm.  Ive always thought it to  be one of the best all around gemstones, as it calms , clears ,and grounds , yet has been used by many cultures  for channeling, as it does not subdue psychic energy but acts as an” anchor” for spiritual and magical practices .

As it is said to be associated with Pluto and the signs of Scorpio and Capricorn, I ‘ve found it to be particularly beneficial in working with the deep introspective influence of the current Pluto in Capricorn.  I experience it as a calm steady energetic  support during  chaotic transformational times. I also  prefer the darker shades as they seem to have more of the calming effect, and, as with all stones, the clearer  the stone the more intense the energy , so if I dont want to add to my energy level I’d choose a more opaque looking  or included stone. ( with the exception of rutile, a needle like inclusion that amplifies the energy of a crystal) Both of these stones may provide a  calming balance for the long term Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn transit, which can be  very stressful  ,especially for  the cardinal signs.

But everyone has to find what works best for them , and  as a footnote, I’ve found many stones Im attracted to that  just dont work for  me,regardless of their traditional properties/ effects,  so Ive found its better to choose by how I feel overall, by the quality of  my mind, emotions and and physical body  when  wearing them,  rather than  just  by how a stone looks, or how it works for another person.

2 Responses to “Healing Crystals for the New Year”

  1. Renee Ariel

    A joyous pleasure to read your words on stones.

    I have been setting up grids since 12-12-12
    here in little sanctuary in Bali.

    Sending you love and kisses as your Kuan Yin songs
    Guide me
    In my newest silk painting Zero Point. Nautilaus spiral.

    Love to you dear friend.
    Such a calling to connect today, and here you are.

    Blessed be.
    Renee Ariel

  2. Celeste

    What a lovely website you have 🙂 – I’m sitting here reading your wise words & wearing a prehnite pendant & smoky quartz bracelet….I was surprised when I reached this page & noticed you appreciate these two stones as much as I do!
    They are both real ‘working’ stones…always emitting their wonderful energies.
    Prehnite is a wonderful heart soother & healer, without taking you back into trauma it just lifts & separates (like a good bra ;)).
    Smokey quartz, is so permeating that it cuts through any & all dense heavy energies – so protective of the life force, it’s an essential for me.
    Its so nice to come across others that value crystals & their gifts.

    Blessings & thanks for your wisdom
    Celeste xx

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