Posted by sacreddream - October 31st, 2011

I always celebrate  the true Samhain  on the new and  full moon  in the month of scorpio. I also celebrate all souls day ( Day of the Dead  )on Nov 2 and again  when we have our amazing  DOTD annual celebration here in Tucson ( this years its Nov. 6th )So ive begun a several week period of honoring the sacred mystery, what lies beyond, those who have crossed over, my ancestors, and the deeper unseen aspect of life. Halloween, on the other hand to me is a secular holiday that is all about fun and  I thoroughly enjoy  that as well.  This is the time when I go deep and am renewed . I feel the connection with my soul and can have amazing healing and informative dreams . This season  sets up the new cycle for the coming year and as I reach a new level of awareness it is reflected in the years progression.  I wish the same for all those who seek it , a wonderfully transformative and empowering time when we can  discover our true selves, beyond the masks .

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