Posted by sacreddream - December 18th, 2012

In the light of  all of the people getting into the Mayan Prophecy of Dec 21st , as   the ‘end of the world’, Id like to share some astrological insights that may be a contributing factor to this trend. Throughout history people have  repeatedly  predicted the end of the world, in an almost cyclic pattern over the centuries. What causes us as humans to go into that mindset ? Why is there such a need to take things to such an extreme  ?

One of the major influences at this time is Pluto, planet of death, rebirth and transformation. Any astrological transit activates that planet’s energy and” theme “,bringing up that kind of energy in each individual’s consciousness, according to their signs, and their state of evolution. There is a spectrum of  high to low, in each sign/ transit, and being aware of the general energy theme ,positive and negative, can help us make use of the influence. ie what it has to teach us , how it can inspire us, what lessons does it offer . . So Pluto brings up the subject of death & rebirth, but, like the Death Card in the Tarot , the ‘death’ aspect is generally not to be taken literally. Pluto  requires destruction  (of the old ) to create new life, a new way, a rebirth . Pluto rules the unconscious mind,  and this, as all astrolocial influences is considered to be the force of evolution that works on the inner planes  in order to effect changes in the outer. Pluto energy is extreme , planet of revolution and radical change, it take no prisoners and will often bring you to  your knees, at the very  least in respect to  your consciousness.

It is a fact  our planet is in turmoil, there are many, many things that require extreme change, and, in fact the world will end at some point.  However chances are very good that come Dec 22nd it will be the same world with the same problems facing us. The question is will we remain the same?  Will we use this extreme end of the world scenario to escape or to transform?

It seems the majority of us will only change when  faced/motivated by a crisis. Perhaps  the reason people create these scenarios is  to push themselves to change. Also, it is often true in an individual’s chart that Pluto transits  will first begin as an internal conflicting energy /belief  which,  if not addressed will manifest in our lives for us to confront. Maybe we as humans are continually  imagining  the end of the world as a means to avoid really creating it. And while the majority of people may not actually believe the world is coming to an end during this transit, there may be an increased sense of foreboding, powerlessness and deep seated and/or  hidden fears emerging to the surface at this time, all classic Plutonian themes. But the true purpose lesson of Pluto is to come to grips with the death / letting go aspect of life as well as the regenerative rebirth aspect that follows, and to clearly see and identify what needs to be transformed within and without  through conscious introspection.

Another significant factor, as  I mentioned in earlier posts,   is a strong Neptune energy which  creates an urge to escape, to let go of all responsibility and just merge with the great cosmic forces. However, Pluto is currently in  Capricorn ,sign of the ultimate physical reality, ruled by Saturn, planet of Karma and structures. This demands us to take responsibility for changing  our physical world  in our lives and on our planet. Its a daunting task at best and with the Plutonian intensity adds the dimension of the feeling of imminent extinction. In addition,  Saturn, Capricorns ruler, is in Scorpio, (ruled by Pluto ), so that intense mindset of pondering our mortality and coming to terms with it  is hitting us with a double dose. This is called a Mutual Reception when two planets are in each others native signs. This makes the planets/signs compliment and amplify each others influence . The resulting combined  message here being : restructure the consciousness so that  we can transform our world.  

So ,in my mind, the best way to work with these energies, in this dark time of the Winter Solstice ,time of introspection and dreams,  is to look and look deep ,  so that you can connect with your truest wisest self.  Moving forward, allow  that wisest  part of yourself  to guide you in your  life, cultivating and integrating that connection with soul/ spirit  to help you stay in the present moment, acting with awareness . Find the courage to face and  make the  healing ,balancing changes you need to make, and make every second of your life count.

   That is  truly  the beginning of a new world.

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