March 9th, 2015

  2. During this interesting time that we find ourselves in, Saturn, planet of structures and lessons to be
  3. learned ( aka karma) is now making a challenging aspect (square) to the current Neptune ,
  4. planet of formlessness and dissolution.
  5. As you can imagine these two planets are as different in nature as they can be ,yet both play an essential role
  6. in the great cosmic process and working together create  a necessary dynamic balance.
  7. Neptune dissolves what needs to be released and Saturn rebuilds the new foundation/structure.
  8. A square causes a dynamic tension that  requires a new  structure to be made  between two signs/planets
  9. creating  a new relationship between them.
  10. The signs that the respective planets are in, Fire and water are also seemingly at odds and yet they too
  11. have a symbiotic alliance that creates life.
  12. Saturn is in  the sign of Sagittarius a mutable fire sign and Neptune is in its native water sign of Pisces,
  13. which is also mutable, signifying   the ability to change.
  14. Sagittarius is a sign of philosophy, religion, belief systems ,thirst for knowledge and above all the quest for truth.
  15. Pisces/ Neptune represents the  domain of the spirit world, from the astral realms of fantasy and illusion
  16. to the highest levels of spiritual  realization and enlightenment.
  17. As Neptune in Pisces gives us an opportunity to incorporate spiritual elements into our lives, it also gives us a chance
  18. to examine our illusions  of self limiting beliefs  . By definition an illusion is something that appears to be real yet upon close
  19. examination is seen for what it is -insubstantial . Its like when you are driving down a highway on a hot day and you see
  20. on the road the gleam of what you would swear is water on the asphalt , yet as soon as you get close it disappears
  21. because it was never there . So the current Saturn in Sagittarius is the lesson of  finding ones own essential truth
  22. and  the bright light of this fire sign is like the sun piercing the veil of the  fog of  nebulous Neptunian illusions.
  23. One of the ways that Sagittarius can balance Pisces is to challenge questionable  emotional beliefs/fears with the scrutiny of truth.
  24. Questioning ones feelings at this point is a good thing, as intuition and feelings can be heavily influenced by Neptune and therefore
  25. may be less reliable than usual. So , asking oneself regarding a belief  that may or may not be positive or true,’ do you know for a fact
  26. that it is true,do you have any proof that it is true, and if so, is it necessarily true or applicable  in this/ your particular circumstance?’ ,
  27. can be helpful at this time.
  28. Anything that has real  validity will stand up to scrutiny whereas an illusion will almost always disappear upon close examination-
  29. just as the water on the road.  I qualify that because some illusions are trickier, more deep seated and obscure than others
  30. and in some cases we need an outside opinion/assistance  to get a grip on them.
  31. If during this transit of Saturn which only lasts approximately  three years, one  can
  32. clear away/ tame  enough of the illusionary aspect of Neptune in the psyche, it can make way for the illumination of
  33. true spirit guided   intuition to come into the consciousness .
  34. This,to me,  is the spiritual purpose of this short term Saturn  transit intersecting  with the longer more far reaching Neptune transit.
  35. There are many ways that these energies can manifest and play out in our lives and in the world,
  36. but to understand the basic  spiritual evolutionary purpose helps makes sense of all the seemingly random consequences that occur as a result of these influences.
  37. Saturn squaring Neptune offers us a possibility of utilizing the  vast  energies of Neptune  in a positive , practical life affirming way, creating a structure for the formless,
  38. and conversely Neptune/Pisces can soften the  harsh glare of  extreme  aspect of the Sagittarian quest for  truth (ig. Spanish Inquisition )
  39. and bring true intuitive wisdom to our belief systems and philosophical constructs, and well as compassion and tolerance for the beliefs and life paths of others.
February 20th, 2015

From all accounts from my  friends and associates, the Year of the Horse ,

noted to sometimes be fractious and unpredictable,was true to its reputation.

Not without blessings and opportunities,but difficult and tumultuous all the same.

This new year of the sweet artistic  sheep ( also referred to as goat in more traditional Chinese

astrology ) promises to be mellower and a little more relaxing for us all. For a fantastic in depth look

at each Chinese year sign’s forecast for 2015 check out Shelly Wu’s site at this link:

In the meantime heres to  the prospect  of a little more peace in the coming year! BB!


February 14th, 2015

In ancient times the planet Saturn was called “the Great Malefic” , in other words our “curse’, causing people to fear and resist its influence.

Modern Astrologers now  view it as symbolic of  our lessons to be learned, but also the restrictions in our life that often force us to experience and “get” the lessons. Hence its bad reputation!

But I have found from my own personal experience and observing charts of numerous people for over  40 years, that Saturn is a teacher, a gift and a liberator if we work with and most importantly understand its purpose.

Saturn is the crucial point of a chart that tells us what the soul has to learn /experience in this incarnation in order to progress to the next level of awareness .It represents our essential structures and the need to reshape those structures for the purpose of soul growth and development . It is the key to our  evolution , and  in the process becomes a lock that holds us in place  to prevent  us from avoiding those necessary  lessons /experiences, but eventually becomes the doorway to a new existence if we can step through it.

The sign that Saturn falls in within the natal chart gives us  a clue to the character/ theme of the lesson. Each sign has a spectrum of expression much as a color will exhibit a variety of hues yet still remain the same color. There are also  the many states of evolution of each sign, from the least evolved to the ideal, and everything in between. Ive seen in individual’s charts that throughout their lives  many aspects of the Saturn sign will often manifest, as opposed to just one theme.

For example in the sign of Cancer ,( home , family, the Mother), it may show a need to be a Mother ,or  one’s Mother being a significant teacher in one’s life. But it can also, depending on how it is aspected,  show restrictions related to the Mother energy , in the form  of  lack of Mothering, absence of  Mother, etc, all this is deeply ingraining the importance of the Mother energy, via the ‘lack.’ This is part of the ‘locked door’ where the native experiences the restriction ( lack ) of Saturn in order to understand the importance of the lesson. ..  In this case the importance of family/emotional  foundation , of nurturing and caregiving and creating life.

In the sign of Scorpio, sign of desire and creative life force ( power) there could be reoccurring power issues that come up in ones life, for example . Or lack of power, to bring home the  importance of right use of power, lots of sexual experiences or  lack of – periods of celibacy to allow a restructuring reorienting of the desire nature. Naturally as humans we perceive this lack as a kind of punishment , but its really for the purpose of contemplation of a new way of being. The house placement further shows us what arena of ones life this will most affect- career, relationship , sense of self etc.

Saturn shows us where we are stuck but it also offers a new paradigm  to move into, signified by the most evolved expression of the astrological sign in which it is found in the natal chart. The key is to learn embrace and incorporate the  ideal qualities of that sign,  into our lives , and when we  have accomplished the lesson  it then  becomes the gift ,  and  the Door.

February 14th, 2015

It seems that every year, right at Candlemas/Imbolc my Ocotillos sprout their bright green leaves as if on cue. It always moves me, as a reminder of Brighid’s  healing green mantle spreading over the earth. In the desert green is rare and precious and literally symbolizes new life , as does the season.
It is the promise of spring around the corner,of faith and hope for the new cycle of the year, and the power of renewal that the green energy brings.
I find myself thinking how can this cycle be different, how can I approach old patterns in new ways and truly make this a new beginning?

Many of us hope that if we keep on doing the same things in the same way life will eventually change around us. But what is most difficult is to actually change ourselves from within, our inner patterns/ programming to create the changes without in our world.
When I was very young I had a teacher and no matter what I said about my wanting to change circumstances in my life he would say “change yourself”.
” I would say no, no you dont understand there’s this and that going on” and he would just repeat ” change yourself -that is the only power that you truly   have.”
Although frustrated at the time at his answer, over the years Ive seen the wisdom of his words. So at this time in the blessed energy of new life and new beginnings I plant intentions for positive change in my psyche, waiting for spring.