Happy Halloween

Posted by sacreddream - October 13th, 2012

Its that time again, and this year we have the added bonus of  extra Scorpio energy ,with Saturn ,

planet of karma, structure and lessons to be learned just entering Scorpio this month!

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto , planet of transformation & regeneration, and is a powerful ally in the

 process of changing our lives, our psyches, and our inner world. This influence allows us

 to’ replant’ the seeds of the unconscious so that new ‘crops’ may grow.   Scorpio asks us to go

deep, to  see what is hidden ,what is unknown to the conscious mind so that the mysteries

within us may be revealed.

This transit will go on until September 2015.

 In the wheel of the zodiac, Scorpio represents  the point at which the soul is asked to turn

 within for spiritual connection, contemplation of the meaning of life and what lies beyond.  It is the sign

associated with death and rebirth, allowing us to let go of that which no longer serves us to make way for the new.

For those who can embrace this cycle it can be a life changing event.

In addition the previously mentioned long term  Neptune in Pisces Transit  makes a trine ( a particularly beneficial ,positive aspect)

to Scorpio, giving even more spiritual psychic and magical potential for this influence.

 That being said, Scorpio is not for sissies, so  its time to embrace your inner warrior, and step up !!

Venus transit : Awakening the Heart of the Goddess

Posted by sacreddream - June 18th, 2012

During the recent  rare transit of Venus across the sun, June 5th, I experienced in a unprecedented manner,  the powerful  presence of the Divine Feminine being awakened on a wholly  new level.  Venus is the planet of Love, of the heart, and   Neptune is considered by astrologers to be a higher octave of Venus,  Divine Love.   As mentioned we are also in the midst of a long term Neptune in Pisces  influence ,(emphasizing Divine Love) so the combination of those two energies was a powerful conduit for the Divine Mother energy to come through into the hearts of the world. Looking at the Neptune transits over the decades, the ‘flower children’ generation were under the influence of Neptune in Libra, the idealism of wanting to create peace  love beauty and harmony in society, attributes of Libra ( ruled by Venus). This influence ,as we can see in retrospect, had both  the illusion and illumination characteristics of Neptune. There was a great deal of spirituality, environmental awareness and creativity that came from that generation,( illumination) as well as people who couldnt cope with society lost touch  with reality   and/or  “dropped out” .( illusion)    As the energetic pendulum began to swing in the opposite direction  in the succeeding generations,( following the primal pattern of extreme yin becoming yang ) there was a strong emphasis on practicality, especially during the Neptune in Capricorn influences in the   90’s that served to balance the extreme idealism  and sought to ground it . With Neptune in Aquarius,  weve seen the phenomena of the global community connecting and communicating through the electronic world of the internet ( all Aquarian attributes). Now we find ourselves coming full circle with Neptune in Pisces, the sign of divine love ,back to the ideals of the “flower children” and if these expanded and ethereal energies can incorporate the practical grounding of the preceding generations, it holds the potential for manifesting that Divine Love in a real and tangible way . The Divine Mother   is the healer caretaker nurturer that this world so desperately needs to take on the task of world healing, not only  of the physical world but the emotional and spiritual world consciousness. A good Mother is also a practical Mother, who protects, and teaches her young to survive though awareness .  As She resides within each one of us,  we can invoke her presence in our hearts minds and daily lives  and become’ her hands and feet’ to bring healing into the world around us. Each one of us, like the tiny cells in the body has a role to play , each one of us a tiny part of the great whole. And the more individuals there are  who embody this energy, the greater the chance of its effect making a true and positive change in the decades to come.

The Neptune Factor

Posted by sacreddream - March 12th, 2012

THE NEPTUNE FACTOR~ Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces and is associated with  the arts, imagination, fantasy and the dreamtime /spirit world. It has a dual  gift  of Illumination and Illusion. Neptune can be manifested as ‘ the fog ‘ of illusion, that when penetrated, reveals our deepest wisdom. It is possible to get lost in that fog, to be caught up in fantasy and deception, but ultimately its purpose is to show us the real truth beyond the veil. Neptune is a planet that ,like the ocean , dissolves old out – moded structures just as the waves reshape the shore. . The dissolving experience can be disorienting to say the least , but Saturn is always there to help us form new ,  more efficient structures in our psyches, our minds and in our lives.
Neptune has just gone into its native sign of Pisces for the next thirteen years. This presents us with the entire spectrum of Neptune’s lessons to be experienced during that time. From the deep lush  heart connection with the spirit realms, profound experience of universal love and divine purpose,  surrender and trust in the great flow of life, to the resistance to , and  the desire to escape the mundane plane and earthly obligations and responsibilities ( the down side of Pisces), Neptune in Pisces is going to be quite a ride! Old sayings like’ off the deep end ‘ as well as ‘go with the flow”are definitely Piscean in nature  Whenever there is an influence/transit such as this we can expect to experience any  or all of the characteristics. The trick is to be aware, prepared and conscious, so we can make conscious choices, and not just be drawn into  the negative aspects at random. If we begin to feel the classic piscean  negative traits, we can make note of it and counteract them rather than be pulled along blindly into the pattern .We can also cultivate the more positive aspects which in  of themselves are designed to balance the inherent negative traits.
Many people may feel ‘spacey” , this is because the psychic realms are being amped up while the veil between the worlds is less substantial. What this means is heightened sensitivity, ie  to noise, to other people’s energy and emotions,  and a tendency to absorb through  Piscean empathy all  of these elements in our surrounding environment.
Down time, time to ‘clear ,ground and center ‘ ones energy may be more important than usual , especially  for sensitive individuals. Practices like yoga, Tai Chi ,Chi Gong that were designed to balance energy may be particularly helpful now.  Gemstones like Smokey Quartz and Black Tourmaline can have a centering affect, and   Rainbow obsidian  in particular is a great grounding stone and can ‘dampen’  down the psychic senses , if needed.
 But  one of the perks is the heightened ability to dream , and may people have already noticed an increase in vivid, lucid or shamanic dreams, even those who normally  have little to no  dream recall… Our dreams can teach us so much and offer us incredible insight into the spiritual realms . See my early posts on dreaming techniques and aids if you d like to explore this opportunity.
Also cultivating  and emphasizing the traits of the opposite sign of Pisces, Virgo,  can be very helpful : analytical thinking,logical discernment, mental  focus, organization , orderliness ,attention to detail. This is especially true for the next couple of weeks when Mercury, the planet ruling mental processes and communication will be retrograde ( going backwards) which always requires these kinds of coping mechanisms. Mercury will go direct on April 4th.

Williams, OR. Watershed Endangered

Posted by sacreddream - February 14th, 2012

Dear Friends and family, This is a very important need for protecting 
the Williams valley watershed. Please visit this link and make a 
donation however big or small. love windsong



Willams Community Forest Project — IndieGoGo
Help us save our home from devastation

Sacred Dream has Gone Digital!

Posted by sacreddream - January 28th, 2012

Yes, Finally! Downloads available now through CD Baby


search Lisa Thiel

or go to the individual CD pages on my site

and click on a direct link to the CD Baby site,

or go to Ordering Info page for a direct link.

Soon to be available as well  through Amazon

 and I- Tunes as mp3 downloads!

CDs are also now available  on

the CD Baby site

Happy New Year of the Black Water Dragon!

Posted by sacreddream - January 24th, 2012

Of all the dragon elements,  water is considered the most benevolent. The Year of the Dragon can bring exciting changes, boldness, creativity and personal empowerment into our lives ! In the Chinese tradition the dragon is a symbol of  great good fortune and of  the creative life force itself .  As we experience this energy we can tap into its influence to accomplish  new goals, to unleash our creative expression and to break out of old restrictive patterns that no longer serve our highest good.

~Yule Fest with the Sonoran Sunrise Druids~

Posted by sacreddream - November 30th, 2011

Sonoran Sunrise Grove Yuletide Festival
Join Tucson’s Druids & Pagans in celebrating the start of the holiday season!
Saturday, Dec. 3rd, 9am-6pm, Unitarian Universalist Church, 4831 E. 22nd St., Tucson, AZ. Shop local with our artisans & merchants, get a Tarot reading to see what’s in store for 2012, bid on our raffle items, have the kids visit with Father Christmas/the Holly King, & enter the drawing for $100 in cash! A Solstice ritual will take place at 6pm, officiated by ADF Archdruid Kirk Thomas. Free admission; merchants & reader charge for items & services. Further information:ssgyuletidefest@gmail.com

Giving Thanks

Posted by sacreddream - November 29th, 2011

I want to say thank you to all the people who have written to me about my music, sharing their stories about  how  it has affected  their lives, to all those who have supported my music over the years and to those have used it to heal and inspire others in so many creative and beautiful ways. . Bright Blessings  to you  and many many thanks, I am deeply grateful  to  you all.

Happy Halloween!

Posted by sacreddream - October 31st, 2011

I always celebrate  the true Samhain  on the new and  full moon  in the month of scorpio. I also celebrate all souls day ( Day of the Dead  )on Nov 2 and again  when we have our amazing  DOTD annual celebration here in Tucson ( this years its Nov. 6th )So ive begun a several week period of honoring the sacred mystery, what lies beyond, those who have crossed over, my ancestors, and the deeper unseen aspect of life. Halloween, on the other hand to me is a secular holiday that is all about fun and  I thoroughly enjoy  that as well.  This is the time when I go deep and am renewed . I feel the connection with my soul and can have amazing healing and informative dreams . This season  sets up the new cycle for the coming year and as I reach a new level of awareness it is reflected in the years progression.  I wish the same for all those who seek it , a wonderfully transformative and empowering time when we can  discover our true selves, beyond the masks .

my sister and I at pagan pride day

Posted by sacreddream - October 23rd, 2011

 Phoenix Pagan Pride Day was a blast . It was wonderful to see old fans and the new generation of Goddess worshippers singing and dancing to  my music and  now teaching it to very young children.  The very fact that these people have an organized place to go and be with others of like mind was very beautiful and inspiring.  My sister was selling her Silpada jewelry ( contact me if you are interested :0) and we shared a very lovely day with lots of great performers and wonderful wares.

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