Tourmaline ~ Stone of the Heart

Posted by sacreddream - July 10th, 2011

Tourmaline is one of my all time favorite gemstones for balancing the subtle energies of the heart. When I speak of the heart Im referring to the energetic heart, the heart chakra. All of the folklore regarding the healing properties of gems relating to physical illness stems from the stones ability to affect the energy of  the body, usually via the acupuncture meridians.  While this is not enough to be considered a “cure,” in of  itself,  it can be of help in balancing one’s energy in general, which can be an aid in overall well being.   As in the Tibetan practice of the Blue Medicine Buddha,where  the mantra is designed to clear the energy field of old static or negative energies to promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing.  So when you think of crystals, think of harmonizing . This harmonizing can have a palatable effect on general mood and energy, depending on the stone and the receptivity of the wearer.

In the month of the astrological sign Cancer, it is a time to rebuild and reassess our emotional foundations, our home  &  families and our  love relationships. It is a time to  process and clear our emotional bodies and to heal old wounds and hurts, if at all possible. So it is a time for the heart , to be recognized , honored and to be brought into balance.  There are many imbalanced states a heart can be in, it can be tired , burnt-out, or simply closed , shut down.  It can feel empty  or  can  be too full.  Tourmaline with its subtle electrical effect can be  a  gentle  pick me up for  the heart chakra.  Tourmaline comes  in all the colors of the rainbow and each color has its specific healing frequency.  If your heart needs soothing, green is best. If it needs to be invigorated and rejuvenated, the pink  is wonderful . For courage and transformation the deep rubellite or red tourmaline can bring you the heart of a lion. The yellow golden tones strengthen the mental energies and the will.  Blue tourmaline can help activate  intuitive understanding.  For excessive negativity, black tourmaline can  help absorb and draw out negativity and stabilize the emotions.

 In folklore tourmaline is associate with love and is said to facilitate the healing of a broken heart. Its gentle yet vital vibration feels like love itself, strong, warm and comforting. Tourmaline is also associated with Venus (love) and the sign of Libra, (relationships). As the current Saturn transit is in the sign of Libra , this is also a time to re-evaluate all relationships, create new structures in our relationships, especially in the realm of communication, and to bring balance to existing structures . ( key energy of Libra is “balance” symbolized by the Scales, and graceful diplomatic communication )  I found myself drawn to blue tourmaline early this year and pink tourmaline now, and realized they are both stones of Libra. I feel these are aids for me to harmonize with the current Saturn in Libra influence, the blue opening up a deeper connection with my intuition, and the pink opening up a deeper healing of my heart. Both of these can serve in the process of renovating old relationship patterns- with our intuition heightened we are able to discern what is truly occuring in a given situation and receive internal guidance when we need it. With the heart whole and balanced it is easier to give and receive love in a balanced  flowing way.  With the throat chakra ( blue) activated,  it is easier to communicate effectively and wisely, and with the influence of  Libra  ruled by Venus,( planet of love,  beauty and harmony,)  there will be potential for more graceful communication as  well.

Here is a heart chakra meditation that came to me while I had a large  pink tourmaline at my heart:

 I imagined the crystal becoming much larger , maybe 5 x 7 inches tall , a perfect crystal with beautiful ‘castle’ like formations. It was resting on my chest over my heart, glowing  a luminous rose color, in my mind’s eye. It seemed to emanate the light of pure love, that filled up my heart  with an energy that was like honey in a rosey sunlight. It felt like the love of the Divine Mother, a love that rejuvenated, strengthened, made whole  the entire substance of my heart.  This beautiful light  bathed my heart in warmth,comfort and peace, slowly seeping into my body like water into the earth.   Any type of stress or discomfort slowly melted away in that rosey honey light, and when I was finished my heart was full of love, peace and contentment.

Uranus the Great Awakener

Posted by sacreddream - July 3rd, 2011

Those who are familiar with astrology and the current influences may wonder why I only focused on the square between Uranus and Pluto, rather than the Grand Cross for the eclipse. I find most people react badly to mention of words like Grand Cross, and the first thing they ask  is -“when’s it going to be over?”   I find it more helpful to focus on the root of the matter and deal with that , and have positive reasonable  means for working with the influences.  Uranus and Pluto are going to be in a long cosmic square dance  til approximately  2019, maintaining very close orbits the whole time as they progress slowly together.  They form the foundation of change that will be happening over the next few years and the sun, moon and other planets are the catalysts and triggers that will  connect with them, particularly  as they go into  cardinal signs .   As in the case of the recent eclipse with the sun and saturn creating the four squares .   But, I believe that  the crux of the matter  is to recognize the real ally in all  this – Uranus , the awakener that connects us with the higher mind.

All the planets serve functions in the great flow, Neptune dissolves , Pluto revolutionizes , Uranus breaks up existing outmoded structures and Saturn patiently rebuilds. We often resist Saturn because its structure can restrict us, and or we experience the effects of the structures we create (Karma). But ultimately it is Saturn that helps us concretize our dreams and visions and creates a working foundation through which we can operate.  Similarly Uranus  can disrupt or even destroy a structure in our life,  but it is only the structures that wont last anyway.  A good relationship will weather a Uranus transit, although changes will have to be made , as well as a true vocation or spiritual path.  But the symbol of Uranus is the lightening bolt of realization  that electrifies and literally brings the potential for enlightenment in its wake. It reveals the truth to us , the truth that transforms our world view . It is also characterized as the Higher mind or spiritual intelligence and herein we have our ally.  Because as we can understand our lessons we can willingly participate.  So as Pluto in Capricorn is challenging us to re-evaluate our unconscious structures , especially as they relate to our everyday real world ( Capricorn is highly pragmatic), Uranus in Aries, in  sign of the self and the creative life force, can show us how to make the changes necessary.  The Aries energy making it self awareness, which promotes responsibility and accountability for our actions that have made  our reality, as well as offering us  the potential to recreate it.   These  awarenesses will come as “Aha” moments when we suddenly see clearly( for what may be the first time in a long,  time , if ever,) patterns in our lives, things we have done and choices we have  made to create those  patterns.  In the process of seeing possibly wrong  choices or mistakes it is easy to fall into feelings of failure and/or  regret, which is why we avoid looking at these things in the first place.  But the way to really benefit from this transit is to focus on what can be changed.  If you allow yourself the space and time for reflection and contemplation these “aha” moments may be even more profound.  If we view the astrological influences as the force  of evolution, what better way to change the planet than to awaken the consciousness of the human beings on it?