Sound Current as Healer

Posted by sacreddream - June 29th, 2011

These are definitely transformative times, especially this month with three eclipses!  Eclipses bring us the potential to end and to begin again, but strong aspects like these are not easy to deal with.  Pluto ( planet of transformation, revolution and regeneration of the unconscious )  in Capricorn ( ruled by Saturn= karma & structure) squaring or making a challenging aspect to Uranus ( eradicator of existing structures that brings a new paradigm) in Aries ( sign of the self)  translates  as a huge cosmic push  for for personal change.  Specifically in our habits ,outlooks, in  resetting or redefining our intentions, in  becoming  more aware of unconscious creations and patterns so that we can create / manifest  more consciously and effectively.  This all sounds well and good and in theory it is, on a spiritual level it definitely is , but on a human level it is difficult.  I  believe that the astrological influences are the force of evolution that make us grow ( ready or not!), and its as though the universe has stepped up the process to a very intense degree.   What to do in a situation like this?  My belief is that the Sound Current is one of the most powerful and transformative healers we have available to us.   Sacred sounds have the capacity to clear our energy fields, stimulate our higher brain functions ,regulate our brain waves and open the way for our higher selves ( who are creating our reality anyway), to connect with the personality self to let it know whats going on and to offer guidance from our spiritual intelligence. We have the luxury of being able just to listen to sacred sounds music or prayers, even it we dont have the strength, focus or ability to create it ourselves.  If the astrological influences are getting to you, try listening to soothing inspiring music just before you go to sleep  so the positive vibrations can go deep into your subconscious. You’ll find your intuition/  insight will begin to come through, as you clear the way , and you can potentially make the most of these aspects whose purpose is ultimately  to enlighten us.

Crystals for Dreaming

Posted by sacreddream - June 28th, 2011

A great part of our lives are spent sleeping, perchance to dream, but did you know that  you can affect the quality of your dreams with gemstones and crystals? I ‘ve been able to have lucid dreams, prophetic dreams,  traveling  shamanic dreams, dreams that heal me, teach me and allow me to connect with those that have crossed over using  crystals.  If youre interested in my quasi scientific explanation please refer to Astrology Gemstones and You for more  info.   Basically, gemstones have energy that is very subtle in frequency. These subtle frequencies can affect the brain waves and tune you into higher planes while you sleep.    As astrological transits can activate different phases of our life experience, we can make the most of these lessons using the crystals as aids. A crystal can bring in your spiritual energy/ higher self  to help you understand  the symbols in your dreams  so that they make more sense and seem less real, so that  you  can have more detachment in watching the inner movie. For example if you are having intense transformative dreams you can turn what could be a nightmare into a fascinating journey into your unconscious to learn about deep seated patterns that are affecting your life.   So it becomes more of a lesson experience than a helpless feeling. Or if you are feeling stuck creatively you can choose stones that open up your visionary qualities giving you more vivid colorful inspiring dreams. If you have a problem in your life , sometimes going to bed asking for a solution will bring a processing dream that sorts it out in your subconscious.  To me the fact that we can spend our sleeping time evolving ,growing and experiencing  a whole other side to the world is amazing and wonderful.  Many people say they dont dream or cant recall , crystals can also  help with recall and really being present in the dream so that it leaves a tangible imprint thats easy to remember.

A very basic formula for dream interpretation is to see every aspect of it as a symbol, to interpret each  symbol then connect the symbols with the activity , situation.  For example a friend of mine was telling me about a wonderful new relationship she was in. That night I dreamt she was on a big rollercoaster ride with all kinds of fascinating colors and lights. It turned out the relationship was a big roller coaster ride that unfortunately didnt end well and turned out to be an illusion. So we have the element of being taking for a ride, pretty colors and lights that werent really real, (glamour,) and the dream hinting that all was not as it may seem. Keeping a good dream journal  is essential because otherwise you forget or important details can be lost . One of the ways in which  ive been able to document prophetic dreams was to have it written down and many times the reality occurred as long as a year after the dream . I was in a bleak time in my life and had a dream about laying in a golden field with golden mountains around me and four hawks flying above me. It was very vivid and when I woke I felt comforted, happier. A year later I was in N Calif laying in a golden field with golden mountains all around me  with a dear friend and was very happy and four hawks flew above us just as it was in my dream. I felt that dream had been a gift  to show me a happier future, a better time which brought comfort to me at that low point in my life.  It has been suggested that deja-vu is really because we dreamt it first!

In order to set up your dream experience, make your bed a temple. Use incense, sage, or any other method you have to make it a sacred space. Choose inspiring colors or fabrics that make you feel divine.  Take a shower or bath before bed using your favorite essential oils./ fragrances if you like. When you go to sleep listen to meditation music or do mantras or prayers to clear and uplift your vibration. Like attracts like so you want to bring in the best possible energy to have the best possible dreams. Choose a small bag made of silk or cotton ( no polyester)and put in cedar, sage and sweetgrass for purifying the energy. You can also use Frankincense and Myrrh or Copal if you prefer.  Add to this lavender or rose  petals and most importantly Mugwort.(  1/4 purification herbs 1/4 fragrant flowers / herbs , 1/2 mugwort.)  Just before you drift off set an intention for what you need , want in your dream – healing , clarity , guidance etc.   Then comes the choosing of the crystals.  They will of course have to be tiny ( 1 inch max)  otherwise youll find it hard to sleep. Slip the bag in the pillowcase  underneath the pillow so it doesnt wander  in the night. Here is a sampling from my experience of crystals and their effects. You may need to experiment with your own combinations to find what works for you. Tip: always add a grounding stone to help the body /mind connection and to filter out negative energies-  like black tourmaline , amber,  garnet or smokey quartz.  Sweet Dreams!

Flourite – enhances recall and clarity of dreams. Purple for spiritual insight, blue for creativity,green for emotional balance

Azurite- stimulates the 3rd eye and psychic activity( intuition/ higher mind)

Opals and or Moonstones-  for vivid colorful imaginative dreams

Labradorite – same as opals and moonstones but the energy is more grounded if you are too etheric

Lapis Lazuli- deep insightful dreams

Herkimer diamonds- “traveling,”( ie you can go anywhere and feel like its a real experience)  flying and shamanic dreams

Prehnite- peaceful meditative dreams

Kyanite- all around balancing and centering

Calcite – soothing calming dreams ( many colors- each relates to a chakra :green for the heart, gold for the will etc)

Amethyst- Light= spiritual inspiration , dark= powerful transformative dreams

Coral- emotional balancing

 Green Jade – emotional processing

Blue tourmaline- heightens psychic activity, spiritual influence

 There are numerous others that can be used~ these are my favorites. Another tip : be gentle when you wake and before you look at anything in the room focus on what you dreamnt and write it down asap. An “old wives tale” says if you look out a window your dream will fly out ( and be lost) !

Astrology, Gemstones & You

Posted by sacreddream - June 26th, 2011

Astrology, Gemstones & You


 by Lisa Thiel (c) 2006


 Many people are familiar with the” birthstones” associated with their  astrological sign. From my experience of over 35  years of  working with crystals and gemstones, Ive found that there are a wide variety of stones  that can be helpful for balancing body , mind, spirit  and emotions.  Oftentimes these are not  necessarily the ones traditionally associated with one’s sign, but different stones that have the opposite type of energy which can provide a dynamic polarity that creates balance.   These other stones and gems can help transform certain kinds of negative /blocked energy, or open up aspects of spiritual energy for meditation and insight.  You may wonder how a rock can effect us!  As all living things have an energy field (aura) it is our energy fields that interact with that of the stones.  Because of  accupuncture we know that  the streams of energy  flow through the body and we have seen how changing those energy flows can have a potent effect on our physical well being. With the advent of Kirlian photography in the late 30’s in Russia, we were able to see for the first time what psychics and mystics had always seen:the life force/ light that surrounds all living things, the essential energy or “Chi”.    Stones and gems , too have an energy field and are referred to by Indigenous cultures as living things as well.  It was found that in Egyptian tombs when photographed by Kirlian photography  that  ancient jewelry and precious metals still had a visible  “aura” after many thousands of years.  Stones have a stable energy, humans have a variable ( unstable ) energy. When two energy fields come into contact ,the unstable field will always begin to vibrate at the rate of the stable one.  This is why crystals and gemstones  are used in electronics as a regulating mechanism. They have the same effect on the  human “field,” and this in turn effects how we think and  feel , both emotionally and physically. Granted, the effects are often subtle , but as I have studied and experienced this for over three decades  myself and  with numerous  others I feel it is significant.  There are many  books on the metaphysical properties of stones,’ Love is in the Earth’ by Melody is a great one.

As for the astrological signs and their  associated stones, here is a brief example of stones and their uses.  Every individual is a unique combination of signs, each of which are subject to a wide variety of states/ influences, and so this information is very generalized and you should always  rely on your own feelings, intuition to evaluate how a stone affects you.

Aries is ruled by Mars, planet of action and war. They are firey ‘go -getters’ and initiators. They can also be high strung , nervous, and quick to anger. To balance that, calming green stones such as Emerald, Jade, green Calcite or green Tourmaline can be helpful.  Diamonds, Carnelian and Amber can replenish them when they get “burnt-out.’

Taurus  is  solid , grounded and practical, but can be fixed and rigid. To relax, blue stones such as Turquoise, Larimar, Lapis Lazuli or multi -colored Labradorite can bring out the mellow side of the Bull.  Agates can replenish their Earthy energy.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is a quick thinker and inventive, but can be restless and scattered. Lepidolite and Moss Agate can soothe mental tension, and golden amber and rutilated quartz can bring focus and invigorate the mind and body.

Cancers are sensitive and nurturing but in their negative phase can be moody and emotionally over-wrought. Moonstone, Prehnite, Coral and Jet can help calm irritable emotions, and opaque butter Amber or yellow Calcite can ease worry.

Leos are ruled by their heart, and can be generous and magnanimous, or self absorbed and disconnected emotionally in their negative state. Heart awakening stones such as Rose Quartz, green Adventurine or Watermelon Tourmaline can open them up to their true loving nature and golden Topaz and Amber can revitalize their inner fire.

Virgos are mental signs and are normally organized and clear thinkers. They also have a tendancy to be prone to mental stress and nervousness and soothing stones such as Aquamarine,  Lepidolite and Apatite can calm them, and Peridot and Citrine can give them a’ lift”.

Libras are graceful communicators who are tuned into the needs of others. They can also find it difficult to make decisions or to attend to their own needs and desires. Orange or red amber, carnelian and Tigers Eye can strengthen them, and Celestite, blue Tourmaline or  blue Chalcedony can soothe them.

Scorpios are known to be the most intense sign , powerful and penetrating, and their personalities can benefit from transformative Smokey Quartz, Citrine,and dark purple Amethyst to clear blockages in their emotional bodies. Unakite, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli and Opals can enhance their psychic/ intuitive energy for  deeper insight.

Sagittarius, the philosopher , is bursting with energy and optimism, but when their exuberance leads them to over – do, Amber and Turquoise can replenish them, and Sugulite and Amethyst can enhance their spiritual energy to help get them back on track.

Capricorns are all about structure, but they can also become rigid and unyielding. The gentleness of Pearls, Coral , Rose quartz, Opals and Amazonite can soften them, while Garnets and Rubies can recharge their physical energy.

Aquarius is another mental sign that can become scattered or unfocused. Blue or purple flourite, blue topaz and Apatite can aid in focusing their thoughts, and gold ,brown, or green Agates, Jade or Serpentine can bring gentle grounding.

Pisces, the dreamer of the Zodiac, is one of the most sensitive,  etheric signs. Tiger’s Eye, Agates, Kyanite and gold or dark Amber can bring more energy and strength into their physical bodies,  black Tourmaline can ‘ground’ and center them, and Smokey Quartz can calm and clear their emotions.

The moon changes astrological signs approximately every three days which has a significant effect on all the signs.  Some of these stones may be useful during these transits  as well. Try an experiment and note any significant emotional , mental state and then look at an astrological calender to see what sign the moon is in, afterwards.  If you do this for a couple of months you’ll most likely see reoccurring patterns of easy and challenging days relating to  the moon signs. You may find it helpful on challenging days to try using gemstones to make life a little easier. Having them in your field, wearing them or sleeping with them under your pillow can have subtle beneficial effects.

Note: in order  to evaluate the effects of a gemstone dont focus on trying to’ feel’ the energy from the stone itself, but focus on your own response, how you feel physically ,mentally ,emotionally etc. when you hold or wear the stone. If you feel energized ,clear, strong, stable its a good stone for you. If you feel imbalanced ,spacey, nervous or off center its not a good stone  for you at that time no matter how pretty it is!

 First determine -what type of energy do you need for balance? The basic rule of thumb when choosing a stone is  the clearer the stone the more intense the energy, ie  opaque stones are more grounding and stabilizing, slower in vibration.  People are always looking for the perfectly clear crystal, but in terms of energy that isnt always whats really needed. Do you need/ want more energy? If not choose something that will calm rather than stimulate. The classic attributes of color apply to crystals and gems : the warm colors are more stimulating, the cool colors more calming. Red is the most intense, physically stimulating ,orange next ,yellow third, green is almost a neutral, blue more ” etheric” and violet , the opposite end of the spectrum is also  very stimulating , but in a spiritual way. So Amethyst is for spiritual upliftment, Garnet for physical vitality.And , you may think its always good to be stimulated spiritually, but if you arent grounded on the physical plane and need to take care of business, a grounding stone will serve you much better than an etheric one . Save the opals and the moonstones for when youre dreaming at night!  Another example, Red  Coral is a softer energy than Rose Quartz because  Coral is opaque and Rose Quartz is transluscent( which conducts more frequency), even though it is lighter in color ( pink ) . Rose Quartz is often recommended for the heart but it is a stimulating stone, good for when your emotions are shut down or inaccessable to you, not when you are over emotional.  Another good example of this is butter Amber which is soft and opaque  is calming ,but clear yellow amber is extremely stimulating so again, which  effect do you really want?  

The colors of the chakras also  relate to the gem colors, and so red is for the root , orange for the second chakra , yellow for the solar plexus, green for the heart, blue for the throat and violet for the third eye.  But it is always important to consider again what you wish to accomplish when introducing a gem into your field. Depending on the day, your mood, your energy level. For example, if youre a little tired and not quite up  to a busy day and need mental clarity, a good yellow or orange stone will give you some more pep. If youre angry or  irritable a nice cooling color like blue or green can  cool you out and soften the mood . If youre not entirely sure its always best to go for the mid range colors. If youre a little nervous or scattered and need to be focused and productive, Smokey Quartz is a great power stone.  Smokey Quartz is one of the best overall gems in my opinion to stabilize, ground and focus while still giving you more energy . Again, its  ultimately up to you and your intuition  to decide , because each individual is so unique.    

* this article may be reprinted with credit to me and mention of my website ~thank you



Stories Behind the Paintings

Posted by sacreddream - June 15th, 2011

The meditation on Sacred Feminine Archetypes has been a source of healing and inspiration for me for many years. I believe that spirit is infinite and that there are infinite expressions of the divine, both masculine and feminine. I also feel that seeing images of the many aspects of divine energy manifested in physical form, enables us to experience a personal relationship with the diety. This allows us to see in a sacred mirror the potential of what is possible in the scope of human experience, a reflection of the divinity within ourselves. My songs are vehicles that take me into the vibration of each goddess, so that I become surrounded and filled with that energy.  Often when I am painting I will sing  to bring in the Goddess energy .   Sometimes the image will come first and the song will come during the course of the painting process as my experience of the goddess deepens upon  seeing  her.   I feel the paintings contain the energy of those experiences like a crystal stores memory. . Here are the stories and background of my Goddess images:

Brighid : Goddess of the ancient Celts, is the muse that inspires and who presides over healing ,smithcraft, divination and the creative arts. She is associated with the sacred fire, and also waters and wells ,and more anciently the hollow hills~ the fairy realm . This painting came from a very vivid dream that I had of being initiated by the goddess around Candlemas of 2009. I dreamt she was in a temple, sitting on a throne made of amber holding a staff in the shape of a flame that was also of amber, with a tiny dragon familiar at her feet. I noticed her crown was very unusual , almost futuristic with three golden metal discs at angles around her head.  Although  this isnt a typical crown, because it was shown to me in the dream I painted it just as I saw it. I was one of many initiates waiting and we were to come to her, one at a time, to ask for our hearts desire to manifest, bath ourselves energetically in the sacred flame and enter through the heavy crimson velvet curtains which felt like moving into the petals of a giant rose. Inside the rose was the great womb of creation which to me looked like the universe of stars, and I made my intention in that sacred space.

Lady of the Lake: I painted this for my album cover, in 1992, and saw her as a water elemental , in a lake on the emerald isle bathed in deep twilight holding a luminous jewel of wisdom. I wondered at this mysterious mythological figure who was generally portrayed just as a hand holding up Excalibur. What would she look like ,what would it be like to look into the eyes of this being? I meditated on the energy of Pisces, a mutable water sign ruled by Neptune, planet of dreams fantasy illusions and illumination. I felt I experienced the entire spectrum of this Neptunian energy during the course of the painting.   Because she was of the water, her face changed what seemed like a thousand times. As the face and especially the eyes are the first thing I paint, in order to connect with the diety, she was very challenging to capture ..But the ultimate gift that she gave me was an experience of deep peace, the transcendental peace of the highest octave of Neptune.

 Cornmother: Painted on a dark and stormy night in 1984 in my meditation room with the sun in scorpio and moon in cancer, a magical fertile combination. I began to paint in candlelight and in this light I could ‘ see’ the entire painting superimposed on the blank canvas like a hologram .  When I turned the light on to see better I could no longer see this vision , so I continued in candlelight until she came through. She is dancing on the rainbow trail, symbol of cosmic balance, holding the sacred corn symbolizing the creative life force ,carrying a basket of corn kernels, the seeds of creation. As she offers the seeds to be planted the lighting bolt of transformation strikes them before they fall to earth. This is symbolic of the creative energy of the goddess that exists within all of us to manifest our dreams.  That was the year I released my first album and was soon asked to perform for the first time. That was a major challenge to me , as my singing had never been about performance, and I meditated on the face of this goddess to help me move into this new arena of my life.    Her eyes seem to beckon me to take a chance, a leap of faith ,and step up, and so I did ..

The Mermaid Queen: symbol of the goddess in her water aspect, who rules the emotional psychic realms, one who has the ability to dive into the depths of the unconscious waters and emerge with the light empowered by wisdom. In East Indian and Tibetan traditions nagas are magical beings known to  live under the sea, that most often take the form of serpents, dragons and mermaids ( although they may shape shift and take any form) and are the keepers of the great eternal treasures of wisdom. Tibetan thankas ( sacred paintings) depict mermaids/nagas emerging out of the water offering crystals and other precious things that will awaken sacred memories or realizations in the receiver, usually holy men. I was told that the queen of the nagas is a mermaid, and so when I went to the island of Iona in Scotland in 1990, I made an offering to the mermaid queen on those sacred shores and my song was the result. The song and the painting were from the same vision/experience.

Naga Dakini: Dakini means divine feminine being , a magical sacred being . Nagas as mentioned are sacred elemental spirits associated with fertility, prosperity and are said to make rain. They also have a protector aspect to them , which sometimes gives them a fierce quality . This is an archetype of feminine empowerment to me, and an expression of scorpio energy ,water in its most potent form. I experience her as an embodiment of complete, self possessed freedom of being.

 Kuan Yin : Kuan Yin, Mother of Compassion , is the Chinese goddess of mercy, similar to  the Tibetan Goddess Tara ,who is another one of my patron goddesses.  Both are said to be emanations of the Hindu god of compassion , Avalokiteshwara.   In this painting Kuan Yin is blessing the son of the dragon king, who she rescued in an act of compassion.  The grateful dragon king then  in return  became her devoted ally.  Many traditional portraits of Kuan Yin show her riding the dragon or having the dragon at her feet. My interpretation of the symbolism of the dragon is that it is the primordial creative life force ,which is our creative passion, our sacred fire. When directed by our soul or cosmic intelligence, ( as are the two sphinxes in the Chariot card in the Tarot) it becomes a powerful ally to accomplish our goals. In these symbolic images, Kuan Yin, to me, represents the highest spiritual wisdom mastering and guiding the powerful force of the sacred fire .